To friends and colleagues pages

Viola da gamba maker  Marco Ternovec

Maker of the complete gamba family, as well as other renaissance and baroque instruments.

Distributer of  "UNIVERSALE Strings", one of my favorite brand gut strings for baroque instruments.

Lute maker Marcello Armand-Pilon

Maker and restorer of the entire family of renaissance and baroque lute, theorbe, guitar and vihuela.

Working in Cremona, Italy.

Bow maker Kees Van Hemert

Maker of fine bows, for all instruments, from early baroque to contemporary.

Working in Den Haag, Netherlands. 

Bow maker Fausto Cangelosi

Bowmaker, specialized in historical bows, from baroque to classical.

Working in Firenze, Italy.

Bow maker Basil De Visser

  Maker of reproductions of baroque and classical bows , based on historical examples.

Working in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Violin player Takeshi Kiriyama’s homepage. Player of both baroque and modern violin and viola.

Living in Japan.


Baroque ensemble, based in Hokkaido, Japan.

Ryo Terakado - Les Boreades

  Son of Dr. Terakado.  Violinist and conductor, specialized in historical approached performance.

Hidemi Suzuki - Orchestra Libera Classica

Website of cellist Hidemi Suzuki:

And his orchestra:

Yamada Keiko

Artist painter Yamada Keiko, sharing a passion for musical instruments and early music.

Ravanello - Takamura

The beating heart of cycling in Japan.

Site of hand made frame builder Mr. Takamura, and cycling team Ravanello